The Origin of Jeans

   Nowadays jeans are sold in every store, as far as I know. They are packed on the shelves of each tiny boutique and in the big shops like Kohls Coupons. In assortment of women’s favorites one can find lots of brand jeans of any size, style and fabric online Kohls coupons almost every day actually. In the beginning they were worn preferably by common people like handymen, later the practicality of a fabric was estimated by the American cowboys and shepherds. Today jeans have received brand and status of the most universal clothes practically for all occasions. The fact of jeans’ appearance refers to Genoa. It was clothes made for work and casual wear. The fabric is usually blue, of denim, cotton, flannel and so on. Then this fabric was highly valuated by people. The famous deep blue cloth for ‘an overalls without top’ was produced there and then was ordered by practical Genoese. In the American transcription of the name of this city it sounds as ‘jeans’. We may consider about the beginning when Levi Strauss – unsuccessful gold digger – was left broke to the wide with only a lap of sail cloth inherited him from his father. On having found no gold he offered a person to sew him a tent. But this man asked him to sew pants instead of wool and quick-down ones he had. So Levi Strauss sewed him that overall with no top for 1 dollar and 10 cents – a great deal of money for those times. This way a new brand had appeared. But this work was worth of money, so later on that buyer brought his friends who were eager to get that tough piece of cloth, and things had looked promising for the young tailor. As Strauss finished the lap of cloth he started to buy deep blue serge in a French city, the one where the most widespread name of a jeans fabric came from— “denim” (i.e. de Nim, literally “from Nim”). So the fabric turned to be very practical for toiling and hard works, but gradually people of all layers of society started wearing them for other occasions. Nowadays we observe that jeans have become an integral part of everyone’s wardrobe just for fashion and for casual wear. They appeared to become favorites of both kids and adults.


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