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   To make sure that you have gotten properly made brand jeans you have put two halves together and examine if they equal and even or not, pay attention to double stitch and color of stitching. Before wearing your favorites every day you have to learn which way is the best to take care of them. The jeans shouldn’t be washed with other clothes surely. For example, you have indigo color jeans and white pants. Wash then separately, please. By the way, you will be warned about high dye bleeding with a label on a product. It is not necessary to apply a universal washing powder as it usually contains bleach. You should better use a special powder for color clothes - it will help your favorites to keep initial color. Don’t use chemicals - under their influence jeans become ragged. The most of jeans go on sale boiled down, which means they will inevitably shrink. In general, any jeans shrink a little at any washing – manual or machine. But after hot drying in a washing machine they shrink significantly more. It should be noted that dye bleeding is a parameter of high quality of a brand. Anyway, such jeans always regain their initial form as soon as you start wearing them. The best brand jeans are surely made in the USA. However it is hard to find American favorites – usually they are made in Indonesia, China, Venezuela or somewhere else. I used online Kohls promo code to have brand jeans and I am thankful. They can be proud of their goods – one can find anything to his/her taste in this shop. Shop assistants are always ready to help everyone who is in danger to choose the wrong jeans. My family and I like this shop very much – very often we use Kohls coupons and we are happy.


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