How to Choose Favorites

   Jeans as a brand take a leading part in the assortment of women’s clothes. They are actually women’ favorites. In general pants can be divided into casual (broad, straight, narrow), sportswear (bridges, golf, shorts), for work (uniform) and trendy (for special occasions). They are sewn broad and tight, straight and broad in the bottom, with folds or round. Pants can be distinguished by style, fabric or quality. It depends on the chosen style. Modern brand shows all the details of jeans: with pockets or without them, embroidered or just denim fabric, short or long, blue, black or brown, etc. the fabrics must be durable, have form, resistivity and other characteristics. They are decorated with threads due to jeans’ color or contrast to them. A woman with short legs should wear jeans, which broaden in the bottom, and put on a short jacket or sweater. A woman with long legs should wear jeans, which broaden from the knee point or from the middle of her thighs. Women with broad hips would prefer straight pants made from the fabric with tiny lines. The jacket is to be long lower her hips. Very often a woman is embarrassed which one she has to take from such a variety of jeans. The brand jeans made of a qualitative fabric will be stretched, and perfectly fit down on a figure. Say, Lola has decided to buy jeans and defined with firm-manufacturer, quality, a style of fabric and other characteristics. Then it is very important to know how they fit you in order not to be disappointed and feel comfortably in them. Unlike usual pants, jeans should not fit a figure freely. Lola feels nervous because it is hard to choose the right ones. Calm down, Lola, - discomfort you feel will last not for long, only for a few minutes. And then the brand jeans having qualitative features will be stretched, and pants will perfectly fit down on your figure. Be sure to consult a shop assistant while trying on the jeans, if you are not accompanied by your friends.


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